Share Apps – New Ways of Sharing Apps

Gone are the days when sharing photos, videos, sounds, and audio files were thought of a big achievement via file sharing apps. Now, you can share applications installed on your device with your friends and anyone you want. The simplest way of sharing android apps to another device is through Share Apps available on Google Play Store or you can also try Zapya Apk file.

If you want to find a solution where you can instantly share apps with your friends then Share Apps is the ideal choice. The app works really fast and it is a convenient way to share apps you want with anyone anywhere. The size of Share Apps is just as small as 2MB. It’s a must–have application that is easy to use. Design and user interface of the application makes it popular among many android users.Share Apps apk How you can share?

There are two choices at your hand i-e; either you can select only one app to share or multiple apps at one time.

Sharing one app

All you need is to select the app you want and the device where it is going to be shared.Share Apps app

Sharing multiple apps

  • First, select the apps and keep them hold.
  • At the top of the screen, you will see share icon.
  • Choose the way you want to share your select apps.
  • This is basically a kind of Batch App Share that allows you to share apps using a checklist.

Needless to say, Share Apps is a free android application that lets you share installed apps links with your friends quickly and easily. With just a tap from within your device, you can select the app and share it with anyone you want via Bluetooth, Twitter, Facebook or any other social media network that supports android app sharing interface.

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