Myappsharer- Sharing App Is Easier Than Ever Now!

We all are well-informed about the popular free android apps that have hit the world by storm. Their functionality, power, and utility are some of the main factors for which they are the first choice for many people. Without these useful apps, your android phone is a simple device, but with these handy tools your device turns into a helpful device for sure.Myappsharer app

You might have heard about the file transfer apps. But it would be very surprising to know that there are various apps available that support app transfer. Sharing apps is a growing trend now. Say, you are enjoying a useful app for your android device that your friend doesn’t know about. Instead of telling him about where to find and download it, simply share the app. This is how it goes.

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The question arises how you can do this? Sharing an app is all a simple deal when you have MyAppSharer at your disposal. This app is a wonderful tool that helps share apps easily and quickly with anyone you want.

There are basically two ways by which you can share the app, these are as under;

  • Sharing by app link of Google play store
  • Sharing the APK file of the app itself (the complete package)

Criteria of sharing apps

The choice is all yours! There are a number of ways by which you can share the app such as via Gmail, Bluetooth, QR code, Whatsapp, Facebook, Dropbox to name a few.

You can also backup your app at the device SD card by the feature this software entails. MyAppSharer also allows the users to share multiple app files all at one time as well as provide instant search results. With this at hand, you can find the app easily.

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