Features of Send Anywhere (File Transfer)

If you are thinking about sharing or sending files, it’s not really hard since there are plenty of applications that will allow you send files across different devices. However, a different approach will surprise you that is peer-to-peer transferring files. This is a new approach with utmost security and ease. This free mobile application claims instant and unlimited transfer in the most secure way possible.send Send Anywhere (File Transfer) is a wonderful cross-platform solution for sharing files quickly and easily. Basically, it works on peer-to-peer approach for sharing digital files in real time for free. Since it does not involve cloud computing service, it is one the most secure method you should use for sharing your photos, videos and important document files. Unlike any other file sharing apps, Send Anywhere (File Transfer) allows users to send any file type with any size to as many times as they want without any trouble. The application is compatible with android, iOS and PC system.send-anywhere

Send Anywhere (File Transfer) has bypassed cloud storage technique by offering peer-to-peer networking method and this making this file transfer process, even more, speedier and safe. The best thing about Send Anywhere (File Transfer) is that it does not ask for registration or login. The only thing Send Anywhere (File Transfer) will ask you a six-digit code that will sync both the peers’ i-e; sender and receiver devices.

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Features of Send Anywhere (File Transfer)

  • Quickly send files

The application allows the users to send as many files as they want in a super fast way. It functions by creating a code that is six digits longer and will help the receiver to access files being sent to them.

  • Securely send files

Send Anywhere (File Transfer) enables the users to send and receive files securely on any device with simply entering the six digit code.

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